I grew up in the Swedish countryside, my mother being Swedish and my father Palestinian. Having grown up in a tiny village, a strong imagination became an important survival tool very early on, which has led to a lasting passion for telling stories in different ways and media. The work I create is greatly inspired by staring at the night sky as a child and imagining worlds beyond what the eye can perceive. This notion continues to infuse the imagery, with a deeply rooted sense of escapism. The light and atmosphere of the Swedish landscape mixed with the fragmented recollections of my father, work as staring points for the imagery  - undeniably mixed with the vibrancy of living in a multicultural hub like East London. 

I did my Arts Foundation Course in Cambridge at CATS College and then went on to complete a BA Hons Degree in Performance Art, at the Mountview Academy, in north London. In 2013, I concluded my Masters Degree in Fine Art (Visual Art) at Camberwell College, again in London.

At present my husband and I have relocated back to Sweden, and are currently setting up a carpentry workshop and art studio together.